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Cutting-Edge ADHD Testing
At Ability Plus Mental Health Clinic, we revolutionize ADHD testing by employing the advanced technology of Qbtech’s online ADHD testing platform. This modern test, approved by the FDA, requires only 15 to 20 minutes to generate objective data that serves as a foundation for evaluating and treating ADHD, benefiting patients aged 6 to 60. By scheduling an appointment with our experienced providers, you can discover if our QB Test is the right option for your mental health journey. Our QB Test harnesses cutting-edge tools to measure attention, impulsivity, and activity levels—key indicators of ADHD. Tailored to individual needs, it offers clarity and direction for our tailored treatment plans. Trust in Ability Plus Clinic for a precise ADHD assessment.

The Necessity of ADHD Testing

The manifestation of Attention Deficit Disorder varies greatly with age and sex, with symptoms often overlapping with other disorders. Evaluating the effectiveness of treatment may pose a complex challenge. Here at Ability Plus Mental Health Clinic, our Qbtech testing option enables us to gauge the effectiveness of treatment, ensuring optimal results are achieved efficiently for our patients.

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What to Anticipate

Our ADHD assessment involves a computer-interactive task that:

• Requires only 15 to 20 minutes to complete.
• Measures core ADHD indicators such as attention sustainability and impulse control.
• Offers a comparison against a comprehensive control group to ensure accuracy.
• Needs no verbal interaction, suitable for those with nervousness about speaking.

When combined with information from your clinical interview, this provides our clinicians with a broad insight into your possible condition. If ADHD is confirmed, additional testing sessions may be suggested to assess treatment effectiveness.

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Evaluation Process

Your first step is a consultation with our expert team who will gauge if our QB Test is the right choice for your requirements. If it seems suitable, you’ll be scheduled for an ADHD assessment. After your test, a review consultation is arranged to walk you through your findings. This process, coupled with data from your opening evaluation and testing session, ensures an accurate ADHD diagnosis.

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